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I update more than what I write about here but when I do remember to
keep track of the updates here's where I record them!

Format: MM/DD/YYYY

There's some new links in the library and in the general links, a new dragon in the Wizard's study, a new recipe in the diner, and there's been a few other small updates. Apologies for the lack of major updates as of late, but who knows what's been brewing in my mind...

Happy New Year Everyone! My first update of the year comes with a bunch of new books, more recipes, links, updated about me pages including new graphics added to the collection, updated music, and a new realm, the Aquarium, is up as well! Also of course general updates (re-organizing/sizing images, updating links, etc.)

Updated some silly things like the featured dragon on the Wizard's page, added some books, graphics, and, as per usual, did lots of little tweaking and and reorganizing. Also I can't believe it's December already omfg

Added more credits and changed around the graphics on a couple pages like the homepage, sidebar, about, and manga page. I also (fingers crossed)... Hopefully fixed some of the image and layout issues that were occurring in browsers like Chrome!

As I added more pages to this site it seemed to me that things were maybe getting a little unorganized and crowded, so I moved things around! You can now find the Bug Zone, Wizard's Study, and all my other silly pages under the new "Realms" Tab on the left :)
I also added more books, links, a contact page with my email, and some other little things!

Added the Abandoned page, and, of course, generally tweaked and updated the site including the graphics on the front page, more dragons for the Wizard's Study, links, photos in my art, and more!

Both the Diner and the Horror Zone have been added along with other general updates!!

Thought I was dead huh?? Well, this site can't die that easily! Don't mind the gap in updates just a global pandemic + life is all... In all seriousness I am actually very excited to be updating again! This time around I've fixed some image size and resolution issues, added more stamps, books, bug pics, and just overall tweaked/updated the site. Some new pages are in the works too!

Omg! Big-ish update, the library along with my manga page are finally up! I have plans to add more but I really hope what I have up so far is cool and good. :)

Been working hard on my manga page, started my horror page, and have been making a lot of general website tweaks and fixes.

My Hypnospace page is in working condition, and I've added the "fanpages" button to the sidebar too.

Added more bugs pics to the bug zone!

Finally added some things to my art page and got that up on the sidebar. Library is still a major work in progress, as is the rest of the site lol.

Added links to my books/library page! I can't wait to start filling this up!!

Added an art button! Was toiling with the decision of adding this, but I then thought man that's the whole point of me even making a personal/cool/art page! Updated my about page to include an adoptable sea monkey I found lol and added some other little updates tweaking things. Added this changelog as well.

Finally added links to my movies/music/etc. on my about page, it's a start! :)

Lots of little updates and improvements throughout this first week like better buttons, animations, more images, gifs, etc.

September 17th, 2020:
A website is born!

Thanks for visiting!

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