Things will be okay.


Omg! Big-ish update, the library along with my manga page are finally up! I have plans to add more but I really hope what I have up so far is cool and good. :)

Been working hard on my manga page, started my horror page, and have been making a lot of general website tweaks and fixes.

My Hypnospace page is in working condition, and I've added the "fanpages" button to the sidebar too.

Added more bugs pics to the bug zone!

Finally added some things to my art page and got that up on the sidebar. Library is still a major work in progress, as is the rest of the site lol.

Added links to my books/library page! I can't wait to start filling this up!!

Added an art button! Was toiling with the decesion of adding this, but I then thought man that's the whole point of me even making a personal/cool/art page! Updated my about page to include an adoptable sea monkey I found lol and added some other little updates tweaking things. Added this changelog as well.

Finally added links to my movies/music/etc. on my about page, it's a start! :)

Lots of little updates and improvements throughout this first week like better buttons, animations, more images, gifs, etc.

September 17th, 2020:
A website is born!

Thanks for visiting!

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